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Who is this Darcy guy, anyway?

So I might not be the best person to write this, as I'm most likely horribly biased to the gentleman we call farmer Darcy. Feel free to tip this post and drain off the extra gush of emotion if you need to.

Mr. Darcy, eerily similar to the notorious gentleman that frequents a beloved Jane Austen novel, has lived in Wright County, Minnesota his entire life. His family can trace their land ownership back to Civil War days and the grand story of pioneers in the Big Woods, aka Laura Ingalls Wilder. The family has even preserved a section of this original woods by donating it to the DNR, ensuring nature will continue to do what it does best.

Darcy graduated from Rockford High School, where his daughter now also attends. He worked his way through the University of Minnesota, achieving his BS degree in Animal Science. Dedicated to following his dream of maintaining the family farm despite the suburbanization of Wright County, Darcy took a "real job" as the Parks Manager for the City of Rockford to supplement his income. Balancing a full work week as well as farm demands often results in a sleepy boy sacked out on the couch at 10 p.m.!

Using his education to ensure soil health in his pastures and fields, Darcy is committed to raising nonGMO corn to feed his cattle when they're not grazing. Rotating his herd through 20 acres of available clover and grass pasture during the warmer months allows Darcy to maintain healthy, happy cows who nurse their calves as long as they desire. The space they have to move naturally as a herd lowers the occurrence of disease, making it rarely necessary to use antibiotics or other medicines -- a healthier step for both you and the environment.

Whether romping with the black lab, rescuing an intrepid tuxedo kitten who explored a little too high in the tree, or replanting a heritage dahlia bulb he saved from the frost, Darcy's heart has never left the land he was born to. His quiet spirit and love of all things living has created the business he runs -- and his herd of Simmental, which are truly Mr. Darcy's Cows.

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