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How do I buy local beef?

So you would like to buy a quarter of beef from a local producer but have NO IDEA of what that means or what to do next? Fear not, you've found an easy-to-follow summary right here to walk you through the process!

After voicing your interest, Darcy or I will contact you directly with a written estimate. This document lays out the cost per pound, an average pound weight of 200 per quarter, and the processing fee paid directly to McDonald's Meats in Clearwater.

Once you have looked over this document, call or write us with any relevant questions. Maybe you are concerned that 200 pounds of beef is too much for your small family. No problem. Very often siblings or friends come together in a buying cooperative and split the meat between themselves. Everyone you know has venison in the freezer or is a vegetarian? We can match you with other buyers so you can walk away with the amount of meat that's right for you.

Those details ironed out, let us know in writing that you're ok with the information on the estimate. It's safer for everyone this way, as miscommunication over a box of thawing hamburger is not the way to make friends! We want happy customers as well as happy cows.

When the processing date arrives, Darcy delivers the cow to the butcher, who will call you directly for cutting instructions. They can make as much or as little ground beef as you find useful, package as many steaks together as you like, preform hamburgers, or make jerky. This may affect your processing cost, as some of these options take more time and resources for McDonalds. As a general rule, we find the following directions most useful for the average family:

6-8 roasts

15 steaks (sirloin, T-bone, ribeye etc)

5 round steaks

60 pounds of ground hamburger

4 packets of stew meat

When the meat is ready for pickup, McDonalds Meats will call you directly. After parking in the lot, go to the back counter of the shop and give them your name. They will find the corresponding paperwork and tell you to pull around to the back where the freezer is located. After loading about four boxes into your trunk, they'll wave goodbye until next time!

All that's left to do now is enjoy lean, flavorful, locally grown beef in your favorite recipe at your next meal!

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